Breaking up the pink grid for a touch of yellow 💛

Like many of you, I've been fascinated by the new buzz word ‘personalised’ nutrition and big names such as Davina McCall and Steven Bartlett supporters of the ZOE App which seems to be everywhere across socials and is now hitting the Highstreet via Marks and Spencer but what is ZOE and more importantly how can it help you 🤔

As a woman who turned 50 last year and who has struggled with extra weight for many years, I'm not keen on the word DIEt and don’t often undertake one. It’s not rocket science; I know that you need to burn more calories than you eat – but there has been so much more research done over recent years around food: looking at genetic information, metabolic rates and nutrient requirements. But what does all this mean? I'm keen to explore how my body reacts to different foods, learn more about nutrition and hit health goals that last. I'm fully aware that a healthy lifestyle and exercise can reduce the onset of #breastcancer by up to 1/3 and can indeed prevent a whole host of other illnesses and diseases. I want to make long-term changes but haven’t been sure where to start and what to focus on – and this is where ZOE comes in 🙌

ZOE is a holistic solution that focuses on several aspects of health, including, gut health analysis, blood sugar responses, blood fat responses and so much more. (IT IS NOT A DIET).  Rather than focusing on just one aspect of health, ZOE is a comprehensive approach that goes beyond food and addresses other lifestyle factors. 

ZOE gives you personalised advice powered by your unique test results, helping you to be as healthy as possible for longer. The focus is on how you FEEL, your MOOD, ENERGY levels and HUNGER and helps you to understand how the food that you eat affects your body, so that you can make informed choices about what to eat to improve long-term health.   

So today is DAY ONE and I have attached the blood sugar sensor (which I promise didn’t hurt) and I’m already a little obsessed with scanning in App for real-time feedback about my blood sugar levels. Follow #myzoejourney here and let me know if you have any questions.

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