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Support Us as a Company

As a business we can help you set up a Cause Related Marketing initiative.

More and more companies in the UK are supporting our crucial campaign such as Hastings Direct, Valspar Paint, Merlyn Showering, Flamingo Candles, SEBO and Big Yellow Self Storage to name just a few.

Besides large and well-known companies like these, we are also supported by many smaller organisations. These companies and many others like them, recognise the positive benefits of supporting a relevant cause, whilst marketing themselves as a supporter of the Pink Ribbon Foundation. Over 90% of our corporate partners support our charity via an annual partnership, making a regular donation to the charity from sales of a designated fundraising product / range / service and internal fundraising – with NO GUARANTEED amounts to be raised. Every year we see a rise in both the number of companies working with us and the diversity of products / services donating a percentage from RRP to the cause. Cause Related Marketing (CRM) campaigns work – they have an impact on brand affinity and in turn brand equity, as well as consumer perception, loyalty and actual buying behaviour.