CERCLE is the innovative style rental platform for women who want to consume less, but access more.  It was founded in 2020 by Coco Baraer Panazza, a London based entrepreneur of French/Italian heritage who believes that renting can be as aspirational as buying new. With grandmother and mother both seamstresses, and her adored grandfather a renowned dandy and bon vivant, fashion was calling for the energetic entrepreneur.

Through 10 international years living in great cities including Beijing, New York, Brussels and of course, London, Coco learnt the value of a ‘less is more’ approach to style. Dressing only from two suitcases and borrowing from her close friends and family, Coco’s style and wardrobe was gradually edited and honed - she kept only what she truly treasured and quickly recognised the environmental benefits to sharing and it soon became more fulfilling than owning.  

And so the idea for Cercle, from the French phrase ‘cercle d’amis’ or ‘circle of friends’, came about. It also references the circular economy of Style Sharing and the sense it makes to our environment.

I’m the girl who always borrows. I like the idea of living a minimalist life but with maximal access. Borrowing does this. It’s better for our souls and better for the earth. It is our belief, that a well- curated life deserves to be shared.

Coco Baraer Panazza