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Charlotte's Story

At the start of the year, like many thousands of people, really struggled with lockdown and the worries of working life. Just as things were starting to get better, our Director Lucy got the devastating news that her lovely mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

As many of our patients know, Lucy is incredibly strong and doesn't get phased by many things, however as this was already a hard time it really affected her but she was determinded to do everything she can to make this experience a smooth one for her mum. 

Lucy, being a nurse herself, has been extremely complimentary of the NHS with how quickly and efficient they have been with treating her mum. It was a scary time for her mum especially being in the time of the current pandemic. She had to go to all appointments, scans and even in for her operation alone. Lucy didn't have to think twice in moving her mum into her family home to make sure she got round the clock care. Her mum has been so positive and overwhelmed with how everyone has rallied around after her. 

So as a team we were thinking what team bonding experience can we do this year??? So what better than to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Lucy's mum was put to tough challenges by going to all appointments alone that we thought, lets challenge all of our team by putting them down for doing a 10 mile assault course in the name of TOUGH MUDDER!!! 

This is most definitely going to challenge us. Lucy has previously done a tough mudder, so she knows what we have in store for us!! 

We are hoping to raise as much as we can to thank all staff for how well they looked after Lucys lovely mum. 

Thank you all for reading and were sure you will all follow our stories of training at the actual day itself which is in July. 

From all the ladies at Kaizen Medical clinic. 

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