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Good luck Claire from BGAP



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The very kind donations received from the whole of Iona including proceeds from a Christmas Biscuit Sale and cash donations from various people.

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Iona Dee Gamily Group

Well done


Anja Jardine

So grateful to you XXX

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You are so amazing Claire oxo



Well done for caring.


Jana McLellan

Good luck Claire Breakey



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Shiona Ruhemann


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Laura Wood

Good luck Claire Breakey . Huge thanks - such a worthy cause.

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Well done Claire!

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Sarah Gash

Well done Claire, a very good cause.

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Good luck!


Robert Walker

Good luck Claire Breakey

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Naomi and Scott Barnes

Claire you are a truly amazing and wonderful woman.



I hope your friend’s treatment goes really well.




Rosemary Maries

Great admiration for you Claire. I hope you have a nice warm beanie waiting!



You can do it!



Good on ya Claire, you're a bloody ripper!


Ruby Taylor

Good luck Claire!!!

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Sophie Austin

You are BLOODY FABULOUS - so proud !!!!


Clare Sibley

Showing your lovely heart to the world xxx

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Good luck Claire! This is a kind thing to do for a friend and many other women.

Claire Breakey

Claire's Crazy Shave

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Claire's Story

A much-loved and cared-for member of my community has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I want to show my support for her by shaving my hair so we can be beautiful bald ladies together.The majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer survive their diagnosis. But  we can do better!​​​​​​​So with your help and support, we can work together towards a brighter future for breast cancer patients!

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