21 Miles for Alice’s 21st

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For Alice's 21st birthday, we wanted to remember her godmother and a dear friend, Turner, whose birthday should also be this week. We will be walking 21 miles around Wiltshire. Thank you so much for your support. Much love Alice and Penny x

Supporters (24 people)
Katharine de Wesselow
Huge congratulations, such a fantastic achievement, lol Mark, Kat, H and T xxxx £30 + £7.50 Gift Aid
Georgie Mitchell
Brilliant effort Penny and Alice, we all miss our lovely friend sooo much. Xxx £30 + £7.50 Gift Aid
Philippa  Vernon-Powell
Hope it was enjoyable - lucky to have had the sunshine with you. Congratulations. £50 + £12.50 Gift Aid
Nicky Barrell
Well done Penny! £20 + £5.00 Gift Aid
Victoria Brown
Well done both! X £10 + £2.50 Gift Aid
Shirley Brooke
Good luck Penny! Great work! £20 + £5.00 Gift Aid
Katy and Jon. X
Well done both! Glorious day for it. Xx £21 + £5.25 Gift Aid
De Wesselow’s
Congratulations Penny and Alice!! Lots of love Northern de Wesselow’s xxx £50
Henrietta Russell
Good luck To you both! Happy walking! Lots of love x £30 + £7.50 Gift Aid
Theo Taylor
Good luck team ! Xx £10
Lottie Pratt
Good luck Penny & Alice lots of love from us all Jamie Lottie Sophie & Freddie xxxx £50 + £12.50 Gift Aid
£10 + £2.50 Gift Aid
Good luck Penny and Alice xxx £50 + £12.50 Gift Aid
Good luck Penny and Alice xxxx £50 + £12.50 Gift Aid
Good luck Penny and Alice xxxxx £50 + £12.50 Gift Aid
£10 + £2.50 Gift Aid
Amanda Moorhouse
Good luck Penny and Alice! Lots of love, the Moorhouse chicas xxx £20 + £5.00 Gift Aid
Amanda Watts
Wonderful! Love to you both x £30 + £7.50 Gift Aid
Laura Viaccoz-Michaelsen
What a lovely thing to do together. Happy Birthday Alice! £50 + £12.50 Gift Aid
Jackie Sandford
I miss her so much too. Well done xx £20 + £5.00 Gift Aid
Lesley Clarke
Good luck Penny! £21
Happy walking x £20 + £5.00 Gift Aid
Anne Pass
Good luck Penny! £21 + £5.25 Gift Aid
£50 + £12.50 Gift Aid