We Hear You (WHY)

We Hear You (WHY) offers free, professional counselling for anyone affected by cancer or other life-threatening illness in Somerset, Bath & North East Somerset and Wiltshire. WHY provides the psychological support that is so vital when a diagnosis of cancer turns life upside down.  The Pink Ribbon Foundations grant to WHY supported sessions which were offered specifically to clients who had been affected by breast cancer.  

People diagnosed with cancer often feel overwhelmed by despair. And the impact spreads far beyond the individual diagnosed, to their partners, carers, children and other loved ones. Although cancer patients’ medical needs are well met by the health services, their emotional needs are often not and this is where charities such as WHY come in.  Counselling is offered to both the individual affected by beast cancer and close relatives, ageing in range from 10 years old to 83.  Everyone’s needs are different and how long they see the councillor for is up to the individual, in all cases it is a valuable resource.  Here’s what some people say:

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the time that I had my mother’s funeral. I just seemed to take the news of the cancer in my stride I suppose. I wasn’t upset as some people might have been, I just went from one appointment to another. Then 18 months down the line it just seemed to hit me all at once. It was obvious some help was needed. I found WHY very efficient in organising counselling sessions for me. I only had to wait a very short while for my first appointment. It was very helpful to talk to someone other than family and friends. Even though I am not 100%, I am beginning to feel as though I am getting back on my feet and that I am getting there. I do now feel more positive about the future.”

“From the first session with Katy I felt safe and almost like I’d been given permission to talk and then found I could not stop talking. Katy was a lovely, understanding person, with her impartial, non-judgemental counselling I was able to discuss many of the issues that I had been concealing. Bringing things into the open has helped me to reconcile myself to how things are.” For more information, please go to:

June 26, 2019

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